Filter Queen

You've been using your Filter Queen® regularly for quite some time and now you would like to have your machine looking and performing as new, but you're wondering where you have to send it, how you are going to get it there, what happens to your machine during a service, and how much all this is going to cost.

1. Where?

Our workshop is in Bellmere, Queensland. Intrastate and interstate, most carriers will deliver your machine to us for around AUD$65 incl. GST. We have found Couriers Please to be very co-operative. We offer next day service if it's humanly possible and will return your machine to you appropriately packaged.


The service is extremely comprehensive. Should you wish to obtain detailed information, email and request a service brochure. This will be sent to you as a .html file attachment, to be opened and read in your browser.

3. How Much?

Obviously, the total will depend on the parts required to bring your machine back to A1 condition, however the current labour component to service a complete machine is AUD$48.50 incl. GST. (Usually, the service cost is between $75 and $140 incl. GST.)

Should major repairs be necessary, we will offer you a quotation before proceeding.


All servicing of Defender® Air Purifiers will be completed free of charge at our workshop, regardless of the age of the machine, providing the following conditions have been met:

1. The Medi-filter® Cartridge has been changed on an annual basis. (Proof required)

2. The unit is returned to a HMI authorised service centre. (e.g. Filter Queen Service-Toowoomba) or to a HMI authorised distributor.

3. You are the original purchaser, the unit has not been mistreated, damaged by over voltage, or used for non-household purposes.

A free quotation is available on request for machines that don't comply.

Filter Queen Service carries a complete range of Defender® spare parts. Please phone or email for competitive prices.