Filter Queen Service was born in November 1997 in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, starting life as a specialist service centre for the local area. In excess of 1200 units had been sold here and it was considered this would be a sufficient number to provide a small income until the original business of computer services and this new business had amalgamated.

The business grew rapidly from its humble beginnings in 1998 and in 2000 began importing and distributing filters, accessories and spare parts directly from the Filter Queen manufacturers, HMI Industries in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Now, more than twenty years later,  as the Filter Queen name is becoming less and less, the business is in it's twilight years but is still servicing and supplying filters, spare parts and accessories to Australia and New Zealand.

If we are able to assist you in any way please contact us by email or within Australia by phone.

Thank you for your interest.

Nev Drinkall - Proprietor - Filter Queen Service.